‘Tell Me a Story’ is a European Lifelong Learning Project that developed a series of interesting urban stories related to different cities and regions in Europe to be used in tour guiding. It created innovative methods and tools for multilingual learning targeted at tourist guides, using the vehicle of storytelling.

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Random story

The Pit of the Blessed

Along the valley of the Tressa river, right below Monticchiello wooded hill, there is the “Buca del Beato”. The legend says that this deep and dark natural cavity hosted in 1400 the Blessed John Benincasa. He was a hermit who liked helping poor people and fighting against injustices. That is why he was chased both from the Church and from the nobles, who wanted to wield their power. To escape from persecutions Giovanni Benincasa decided to hide himself in the hidden natural cavity, but during the getaway he was wounded by an arrow and...
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The last event

“Tell me a Story” at the European day of languages

The “Tell Me a Story” project was widely promoted during the event celebrating the European Day of Languages on September 27th, 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
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