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26 September 2014 - celebrating the European day of languages 26.09.2014

There is not a better way to start the European day of languages than having a coffee in Vienna with European partners speaking in different languages. What a lovely surprise to have had our meeting at Cafe Museum full of light, colour, smells and flavours of coffee and zachertorte. Such a lovely surprise and so far from a dark corporate office environment.

As we are all reflecting on the last two years of our project Tell me a story, one cannot but think of achievements, ways to do better next time and most importantly how can we all do more to promote languages and European culture.

We have developed a set of photos from all seven towns linked to selected stories that were unknown to the wider public and brought to light such a different dimension of each of the towns. A book brought them all together with language training materials, films and events supporting the promotion of the cities and their languages. 
There is so much energy in the cafe this morning and so much innovation. Our Austrian partner Maria is busy adding the final touches to this evening's event in Vienna. A tribute to story telling in different languages from all partner countries ably accompanied by Viennese songs and live chamber music! This is such a beautiful way to celebrate European multilingualism and culture.