Town of Pulkau, Austria

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The idyllic and viticultural town of Pulkau is located on a wide high plateau in the North of Austria, 80 km from Vienna. The name of the town derives from the crossing Pulkau river referring to the old Germanic word Fulkawa which became Pulkaha in the old-slave period. Historical findings indicate a very early settlement of the region. Nowadays Pulkau has approximately 1500 inhabitants and the community comprises several surrounding locations.


The winery community

The soft pannonic climate creates ideal conditions for wine and fruit. Fruit-growing
and wine cultivation have a long tradition in the region of Pulkau and since 1216 winegrowing is officially documented in Pulkau. The main grape variety is the Grüner Veltliner, a dry and rich white wine. Therefore, the emblem of the town shows two silver wine-jars with a black background.

A town between tradition and modernity

Traditions are anchored in the activities of the local population, such as the „Festival of the pumpkins“ (Kürbisfest). Popular belief is still evident and visible through pilgrimages and spectacles. Pulkau hosts a brass band, choirs, a photo club and a theatre group. The lovely landscape in the surroundings of Pulkau invites to go hiking and to use bicycle routes.

Europe meets Pulkau

Initiated by Kaplan August Paterno the historic granary was renovated from 1998 - 2000 and hosts now a youth hostel and seminar rooms. The Europahaus is an event location for the local people as well as a meeting point for young people coming mainly from Eastern European Countries. European Projects - the Euro-Smile or Ethnoropa Events - have been implemented in Pulkau.

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