Town of Beaune, France

Beaune - emotion, history and pleasure...

Capital of the Burgundy wine, Beaune is located in the heart of prestigious vineyards, 48 km south of Dijon the Dukes' city. Within its ramparts, Its 22 000 inhabitants share their gastronomy, their heritage, and their leisure with a friendly hospitality walking around in the cobbled streets where they enjoy the warm atmosphere of their lovely old city. Beaune, with its historical mansions, its medieval half-timbered houses, its flowered squares and gardens, offers its flavour and charm attracting travelers from all around the world who discover another "art de vivre".

Beaune heritage

In 1443, Nicholas Rolin, the chancellor of Duke Philippe-le-bon, and his wife ordered the construction of the "Hotel-Dieu" hospital to help people who suffered from poverty and famine after the Hundred Years' War. They founded the Hospice for the Poor. Centuries after, the visitors can appreciate the couple life's work, the medieval building with its coulourful tile roof, its inner courtyard, its kitchen, its pharmacy, its wooden beds with their red curtains and all its long history. The surrounding villages joined their forces to the Hospice bringing with them donation of vineyards (53 hectares) which produce the wine for the famous wine auction, a charity sale, held each year on November. Beaune offers an exceptional heritage through its monuments and museum.


Beaune - Palace of senses 

The names of the famous vineyards surrounding the city make wine lovers' eye sparkle and every day  throughout the year from  9.00-11.30 and 14.00-17.30 (July and August  without lunch break) visitors can wine taste around 18 famous wines of  the region in the old church opposite the Hospice de Beaune. Many tourists also wait for the "Pains, Vins et frommages" exhibition (breads, wines and cheeses) in October to delight their palate. But, thinking about what could be hidden under the cobblestone streets, every visitor may want to discover the labyrinth of wine cellars and feel in perfect conditions to taste their best wine...

Wine can not be fully appreciated without a fine gastronomy. The inhabitants of Beaune and the travelers take great delight in the delicious looking shops where they can buy fine homemade marmalade, typical sausages, true Fallot mustard, big amount of famous cheeses, delicious chocolates and cakes, and various fruit liqueurs and spirits.

Beaune is also famous for its cultural activities, in July the Baroque Music Festival and in September the Jazz Festival present international artists. In January the patron saint of wine is celebrated in the coulourful Festival of Saint-Vincent and the Famous 24 hours race of Beaune in May.

Enjoy your visit…

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