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Saint Agnes and the miracles at the termal baths

The legend tells that one day at the end of July about 700 years ago Saint Agnes Segni, a nun born in Montepulciano, went to Chianciano to benefit from the thermal baths. She was severely ill. People there didn’t pay much attention to her, but they were struck to see snow falling down the day following her arrival. They all immediately gave credit to Saint Agnes for this miracle. A few days later, the thermal water in which the Saint had previously bathed became hotter and more abundant than before. At the same place one day a child died drowning into the water. Having seen the parents cry in despair, the nun prayed God to bring the little one back to life, and asked someone to bring her the dead body. She kissed and blessed it and the child immediately woke and stood stronger and healthier than ever. Legend, miracle or ... reality?
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