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Gold medal for the mineral water of Seklerland

The slightly sour taste of the mineral water in Transylvania reminds us of the taste of wine and it used to be consumed with wine indeed. Transylvania abounds in mineral water springs. Mineral water transport used to be a profitable enterprise although Austrian and Bohemian mineral water enjoyed advantage in comparison to the healing waters of the Transylvanian basin. But the mineral water owners of Transylvania did not accept this limitation and, as legend says, they employed a few young people out of work and sent them to Vienna. There they played the wealthy, well-educated bourgeois offsprings who, in the poshest restaurants, asked for Repat (Répát) mineral water. At first they acted as if surprised, then “shocked”, they turned to the owners and told them that mineral water was well-known in every self-respecting restaurant as it was a real phenomenon. The owner, who wanted to avoid his reputation being damaged, asked for their help in its acquisition. Transylvanian mineral water has been world-famous ever since. The water from Borsec, once called the queen of mineral waters by Emperor Franz Joseph, won gold medal in the fizzy water category in the United States of America in 2004.
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