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The festival of lights

There are many existing legends and stories of the festival of lights, one of the prettiest events in France. The most famous legend says that Alexandre Prevost Mascary and Aldermen have relied on the Virgin Mary. The outbreak of the plague then stopped only at Lyon, and in gratitude, December 8, the Lyons posted up their joy light, displaying candles in their windows. A large mass is also celebrated during which the gold coin promised by the Aldermen for their prayers, is given to the bishop of Lyon during the birth of the Virgin. Another legend says that to escape the Prussians in 1870, the Lyon rely again to Mary, asking her to escape the fury of the Germans. In gratitude, Mary Lyon offers a Basilica. It is also said that each year, Lyon have a habit of praying to Mary in the small church which dominates the city of Lyon, and from the wishes of Aldermen. The joint decision is to pray to Mary on 8 September. However, in 1852, the clouds rumbled, it was impossible to honor the prayers. Another date is then chosen: December 8. Since that time, December 8, is synonymous with illuminations. The people out their candles and wander into town to marvel at the different lights ... That day is part of Lyon...
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