Meeting with tourist guides and volunteers in Siena, Italy 27.07.2013

The meeting was meant as a way to introduce the TellMeAStory project to the tourist guides and the volunteers in Siena, Italy and to collect information about their needs, habits and the groups they work with. It provided information about the training courses the guides had attended which gave them a quite satisfying general competence but didn’t take into consideration foreign languages. As far as the material they preferred for self-study it was mostly indicated to be specific foreign vocabulary associated to images to facilitate the learning of the new words. Regarding the material they would think useful they once again asked for books or booklets providing specific vocabulary. The guides attending the meeting said that the vast majority of the tourists they dealt with came from English speaking countries, had a good enough competence in English to understand a tour held in English, or had an interpreter who translated from English into their native language. They didn’t give any suggestion as far as the material aids to use while on guided tours since they think they can rely exclusively on their knowledge.