Tell me a Story Book 03.04.2014

The Tell me a Story book has arrived! 
It was first presented at the city library in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, then included in the list of books available in the city library in Dobrich, Bulgaria, and is now on the way to all other cities and regions. 
Our book Tell me a Story is about originality in tour guiding. Unknown stories about less known European cities have been compiled in this book both in their original language and in English as a taster of European language and culture. Our aim is to attract tour guides into using local legends and language as part of their guiding tours and to invite tourists and visitors to the cities included in this book to think a bit differently about the place they are visiting. 
29 stories about the following regions and towns figure in this booklet: Beaune in France, Dobrich in Bulgaria, Montepulciano in Italy, Pulkau in Austria, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Toro in Spain, Transylvania in Romania.
Among the stories included you will come across legends about characters and heroes, stories about food and drink, sagas on nature and landscape, anecdotes about religion and belief. Our stories present a place through the eyes and ears of its inhabitants and not through a history book. They bring originality to your journey while they raise awareness about the local traditions and language. 
We hope you will like this approach to guiding you through a city and we believe this may also lead you to be attracted by the cities languages and wish to learn a bit about them. The book is supported by learning materials online. Please visit to find out more.
Enjoy your visit!