The Storyteller\'s league 07.12.2012

A special editing of the Storytellers’ league was designed for our project, as a hint on how to collect stories.

The basic idea behind this event is in fact a non-formal meeting of easy-going people living in a city anywhere around the world. Those kinds of people are the perfect story tellers that best describe their past experience over a nice glass or bottle of beer preferably at a local and favorite bar and of course the bigger the audience the better.

At the event, that took place in the evening of 3rd of December, everyone who wanted to participate had around 5 minutes tops to present his/her own story based on the theme of „The City & the City” and tried once to put themselves in the shoes of a tour guide of their own city, and to retell their story from their perspective and without lacking any minor or even explicit details. For the purpose of the international character of this event, the stories have been interpreted in English. For the best story tellers, prizes have been provided.