Learning Space

A self-learning tool



Right you can see the map of the town with marked the locations of six urban stories. Each story is used for a language lesson. You have to follow the numbers in ascending order, as each lesson builds on the previous one. Clicking on the picture will open a screen with the story in Italian. There is an option to read the story in English. The links below the story leads to three different sections of the lesson:

“They are talking about it” - where you can find a simple dialogue based on the story in written and audio versions and optional English translation.

“Language lesson” contains the learning objective of the lesson, simple grammar rules, language structures, models and chunks.

“Language games” is a section with language exercises and games where you can practice to build simple sentences in the language and to learn some words. Each game is supported by instruction and hints.

Enjoy the stay and find your own way to learn!


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