“La grande vadrouille” in Beaune

 Have you ever seen this French classic film “La grande vadrouille”? It is a burlesque comedy where an opera conductor and a construction painter are involuntarily implied in a plot of a second word war resistance! Both, the comic actors, help English parachutists to join the zone libre. In their adventure, they cross the Burgundy staying in the hospices de Beaune and the Globe hotel in Meursault where the owner, Germaine, will drive the across the Demarcation Line. Here is two famous lines:

[The English Major is examined by the mother superior in the hospices where they are hidden]
The Mother : You like everything it's good?!
[The Major nods]
The Mother : That's veeery bad!
The Mother : Say thirty-three … thirty-three … thirty-three. Come on!
Sir Reginald : Thirty-three, thirty-three, thirty-three.[...] (In English in the text)
The Mother : I see only one remedy, having a change of atmosphere immediately! (remember the context of the occupied and free zone in France during the WW2) By the way, you need to care this lever. 
I suggest you watch or watch again this film to get immersed in the context before or while visiting Beaune where you will walk on these amazing actors' footprints.