The Fallot Mustard

You can find various version explaining the origin of the word “moutarde”, but in the shop of the Fallot Mustard Company you will listen this story :
Hearing that the Count of Flanders is under siege and close to despair, The King of France, Charles VI, asks the Duke of Burgundy, Philip the Bold, to come to his rescue. In 1383, 1000 men set off from Burgundy lead by the Duke, who had decided to fund his campaign with the help of the traders in sénevé (the former name of the yellow plant used to make mustard). Many months passes before the people of Dijon can admire the return of their victorious Duke. When they see the flag fluttering at the head of the column, they cry: "L'armée des moutardiers arrive!" (The mustard-makers’ army is coming!). Indeed, the wind did not allow them to read the second word of the phrase embroidered on it: "Moult me tarde de rentrer à Dijon" (I'm looking forward to coming back to Dijon) which stays engraved on ones' memory. Happy with his victory, the Duke’s only wish was to return to his beloved country. In order to thank his people for such warm welcome, he allows the mustard traders to use the Burgundy coat of arms on their products, and to call themselves "moutardiers".