When Burgundy discovers the red wine

Where does the red wine come from? According to M. Latour, eminent wine specialist well-known in Burgundy and in Beaune, to answer the question, it is just necessary to find who let the skin of the black grapes into the maceration juice!
Coincidence or experience, it is around the XIII century that the Cistercian monks and the Dukes of Burgundy start to elaborate the “vin vermeil” (vermillion wine). They do not press the wine anymore before the fermentation process but trample it to get the “moût” (must) and then let it ferment. Those pigments, in the skin, will coloured the so famous beverage. Without the skin, even with black grapes, you normally get white wine or Champagne!
Until now, there is no evidence of red or vermillion wine production elsewhere prior this date so Burgundy is a serious contender for the title of red wine's inventor.