The 24 hours of Beaune

Take a 3-wheel, or more, odd machine looking like everything except a bike, with a handlebar and somewhere to sit on; a 8-buddy team ready to pedal non-stop 24h00; a circuit in the middle of the town, and you get the ingredient of one of the most festive event of Beaune. In 1987, 6 teams decide to bike the city street on strange homemade machine one more eccentric than the others with just one goal in mind : making it to the end. Like professionals, you subscribe your team, weight-in, committee approval, and round to set the starting grid, everything is done! Furthermore, if your team gather humour and performance, then you will win one of the numerous prices based on speed, distance, originality or even the atmosphere within the team. Even the public is here to cheer you, more than 25000 people enjoy and discover the machines, the shows and the street animations which immerse the city in a good mood of a great sport event.
Wait, wait! They are on the starting block, ready, steady, go!... On the stroke of the 8pm city church bells it is the beginning of the 24-hour endurance test, of laugh and good time. Don't forget this “folk-sporting” event, parody of the 24h00 of the Mans, is unique in France and has the only aim to make all the lucky visitors of Beaune smiling during these great time days.