On stage Pulkau

Life is like a theatre. Pulkau has always loved to laugh much, willingly and hearty. The city’s charm inspires people’s minds and therefore Pulkau finds its way to become a stage. There is a variety of theatre, dance, music, literature and film festivals in the atmospheric ambience of the city or in wine cellar streets of the surroundings. The spectrum of performances is big, so big, so that Pulkau is even able to come up with its own circus.

Whether passion plays or the theatre group’s cabaret performances, when it comes to put on an act, young and old are afoot. But how is it possible to act when the actors do not speak the same languages? That is the reason why Pulkau’s adolescents and their Czech friends are champions of pantomime. Not a single word is spoken. “Doll Showacts” – earlier Punch theatre – and jugglers fascinate all children. Pulkau also attracts world-known superstars and even international movies are shot here.

Just as Christiane Hörbiger. Her father and uncle used to talk Hungarian in their childhood and were not aware of the German language. Of all things, they produced many brilliant film- and stage actors of international fame in the German-speaking world over centuries, whose marks are still left in Pulkau nowadays.

Pulkau is a world stage.
They will entertain as long as the audience desires them.