Metamorphosis to a top wine

Fruity-fresh, without barrique and tannin taste, not excessively alcoholic and above all aromatic-peppery: that is the description of an old - new wine. In former days not appreciated as too sour, the grape variety of the Grüner Veltliner is nowadays the most widespread white grape in whole Austria.

Loess soil and the Pannonian climate are the best thriving conditions for this wine, conditions  we meet in the Weinviertel – the Region of Wine, in the North of Austria. Did you know that the Region of Wine was also a Region without wine? In the 19th century the phylloxera invaded Europe and destroyed wide areas of vineyards and the insect pest did not stop in front of the Pulkau region. And even today some parts of the Weinviertel remain without wine cultivation.  

A further turn of fate was the glycol scandal in the 80ies. Faked wine led to a decline in the  consumption of wine and a damage of prestige. However, this crisis gave stimulus to innovation, guarantee and quality up to international prestige. Over the last few years the Weinviertel grew from an unknown place to a top-wine country.

Let´s taste a glass of a perfect Veltliner with its greenish yellow colours and its fruity peppery taste. It goes well with meat and fish, mushrooms, salad and vegetables and with, of course, cheese. Cheers!