The forgotten shelf bricklayer

Did you know that since the Middle Ages Pulkau has a secret observer? On the hill above the city there is easily to recognize from far away the fortified church St. Michael and a bone house from the 13th century. The rotunda bone house in the middle of the cemetery has on its top of the shingle roof a Jerusalem cross and eight figures in stone.

The bone house´s donator Heinrich and his wife Wilbirgis are sitting there among the floral and animal stones, symbols of the early Christianity, and they seem to wait for something. They are without doubt asking themselves about the progress of the construction work.

Hidden behind the steep roof of the bone house, on the shelf, there is the forgotten  bricklayer sitting. He is scrutinizing the horizon and, according to a legend, he is on the lookout if the next stones are already coming. The figure is looking straight into the direction, over the city of Pulkau, where the quarries are. Beside him, a further bricklayer is putting a stone to build a wall. This scene is associated by the local people with the early construction of the rotunda. 

A rumour says that the forgotten bricklayer was petrified exactly there, because he had not heard the twelve clock ringing, and therefore, he is still sitting there waiting for the next stones. Anyway, this does not fit with Pulkau´s people as nowadays the still hardworking craftsmen in Pulkau hear the twelve clock ringing and they are punctually sitting at 12 o'clock at the Pulkau´s inn Jagawirt.