The Rock of the Devil

Western from Pulkau you walk along the small river passing numerous mills. In former days life was very busy there. Nowadays the valley is deserted and surrounded by a mysterious forest leading to a steep rock – the Rock of the Devil – with the Ruin of Neudeck on its top.

There once lived a very beautiful knights miss, on whom two knights asked for her hand in marriage. The precious young lady could not decide who of these two men could be her husband. So she promised to choose that man who would come off as a winner in the next horse competition. Castle Neudeck's knight won and asked for the lady's hand. The other knight was above very sad and went unhappily alongside the river Pulkau.

Suddenly, a small grey man with a green cusp cap appeared and offered a deal to the desolated young man: “I am able to construct a very high wall that everyone on Neudeck will drown while the water is rising and the young lady will be yours.” The knight recognized who the small man was and set the condition, that the wall should be finished before the first cockcrow. The devil agreed and started his work. Suddenly – the wall had not been completed yet – a cockcrow resounded from the fortress and the furious demon left the unfinished building, whose leavings are still called “Rock of the Devil”.

And finally who did marry the young lady? Till now nobody could reveal the secret, however, people know that the soul of the knight was not sold to the Devil.