The Black Death

A location with history outside of Pulkau is a spring water dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Do you know the role of the 5-years old boy connected with the history of this place? The diseased boy took a bath in the holy water and recovered quickly.

In the 17th century the Black Death appeared in Europe and touched also the region of Pulkau. The parish´s chronicle of Pulkau registered already 600 dead people. In order to avoid a retransmission of the disease, they blocked Pulkau’s former market for any length of time. The attendance to the church was refused to the villages near Pulkau.

So, every Sunday the people met at the spring outside of Pulkau and said their prayers in front of Virgin Mary’s picture. They drank the spring water faithfully and most of these people were untroubled by the Black Death and they ascribed that to the intercession of the Virgin Mary.

Around the grace picture the Pulkau people constructed a wooden chapel which was later replaced by a Lord´s house of stones. Recent scientific proofs confirmed an excellent quality of the spring´s water.  

Every summer month, on the 13th day the widely known open-air “Fatimafeier” is taking place at the Virgin´s spring (Marienbründl). After pilgrimating people are celebrating the traditional “Frühschoppen” with music, food and a good amount of beer.