The Árpád Line

Tourists wandering in the Eastern Carpathians might come across the ruins of firing positions and exploded bunkers built in WW II.  These ruins breaking the beauty of nature are the remnants of the so-called Árpád Line.

The Árpad Line is one of the defense systems built against the attacks of the Russian army during WW II. With its more than 600 km length, the line was a fortification system making use of the lie of the high mountains with reinforced concrete firing positions, defense constructions and lookout posts.

Archive resources, eyewitnesses’ reminiscences, field surveys and photographs prove that this fortification system could be passed round but could not be broken through. The fourth Ukranian Front unsuccessfully attempted to break through the defense in three great operations between August and October 1944. Occupation and breakthrough were only possible after Romania siding with the Russians.