Charles, Prince of Wales in Transylvania

Viscri (Szászfehéregyháza) is a tiny settlement inhabited by only five hundred people in the southeastern part of Transylvania. Once a year, though, much attention is dedicated to it by the media, thanks to the yearly visit of Prince Charles. What attracts the heir to this hidden village, we may ask.

Family tree researchers have found that the Prince has family connections with Transylvania: Queen Elisabeth II’s great-great-grandmother, Countess Claudia Zsuzsanna Rhédey was born and buried near here (Erdőszentgyörgy, Sângeorgiu de Pădure). But the Prince is also interested in the present: he bought a hunting lodge here to contribute to the revival of the settlement now part of the world heritage. His foundation has already renovated the façade of several Saxon houses and it helps the local craftsmen in selling their products abroad.