Huge success of a small sausage

Hardly can we find any Romanian specialty more popular than the “mici”. This cheap but delicious food can never miss from fairs or garden parties.

There are several anecdotes related to its origin. One of them takes us to a famous Bucharest inn, the ”Lion and Sausage”, where delicious sausages were sold for only one Lei. Once they ran out of the intestine they used to fill the meat in. The innkeeper had an ingenious idea: he placed the filling directly onto the grate. On seeing it, one of the guests exclaimed, “How small these sausages are!” (mici is the Romanian word for small)

A ‘mici’ is an approximately 7-8 cm long, 3 cm thick sausage traditionally made of a mixture of minced beef and mutton. It is consumed with fresh roll and hot mustard, which is completed with cold beer on warm summer afternoons.