An example of popular theatre: the Bruscello

The “Bruscello” is an example of popular theatre in Montepulciano, related to a tradition that has not gone lost in modern times and that is very important to the village inhabitants. Traditional stories are sung and played in the main square for three evenings in sequence ending on August 15 night. The screenplays are always written by the village young people and set to music by the local musical Institute.

All the people taking part to the “Bruscello”, both actors and technicians, commit completely to it, spending their days working on the costumes and the script that remains unknown to the audience until the days immediately before the staging when public rehearsals are held to the benefit of tourists and passers-by.

The Montepulciano inhabitants say that Bruscello is more than an exhibition. It is a way for people to stay together and enjoy themselves during summer nights. Every day before the rehearsal people involved bring something to eat and drink and spend few minutes laughing and talking. But when they start to play, they become real actors!