A movie that shocked Montepulciano

Thanks to its buildings that date back to the Renaissance, Montepulciano has often been chosen as the ideal place for movie sets. The most famous movie is, without any doubt, “New Moon” from the “Twilight Saga” based on the books by the American writer Stephenie Meyer.

Many fans from all over the world came to Montepulciano during the shootings and no vacancies were left in the hotels and agritourisms in the area.
Screaming fans spent days and nights just outside the set hoping to talk, touch or even only see their favorite actors. Many girls, in order to get closer to their idols, offered to work for free as background actresses and took the place of the ones who had been previously chosen. These people were all feeling the same excitement and they all had the same goal!

For Montepulciano inhabitants this event was like a shock. Their daily routine and the quiet of the village both went lost. Those five days seemed endless and even the teenagers, who had at first been excited about the movie set, soon started to realize what Montepulciano had turned into. It was like being in the war – time: people only went out if they really had to and at a certain time. Despite that, the film brought out the beauty of the village and, still today, fans from all over the world come here. Every year tourist groups visit Montepulciano to see in person the places where the movie scenes were shot and then take some time to admire and enjoy what the surrounding areas have to offer them.