A mysterious apparition

Many years ago in Via Talosa, between the Ricci’s palace and the town hall, right where today you can find a typical Tuscan restaurant, there was a barn. It belonged to one of the most powerful families in Montepulciano: the Riccis.

The legend says that in the middle of the XVII century a hungry hired hand went to the barn to ask for some food. The guards refused to give it to him and the man then, crying, prayed the Virgin Mary. He got no response and, dejected, he started walking back home. Along the way a woman with a child stopped him and, smiling to him, she gave him a sack full of wheat. The man, now confused, looked at the sack he was holding and then raised his eyes to the kind woman to thank her, but found she had disappeared.  Was it a miracle? …what do you think?