Lauratal near Schilier is known as a very eerie place in the region. The question emerging, however, is what is the tale behind its evoking fear name. The geographical location of this place is indeed important. Following the way to Wolfegg, one can slowly approach a place in the forest, where was once rising the castle of the knight lady Laura. The tale, which dates from Medieval times, unsurprisingly, falls into the category of romantic doomed to tragic ending stories. The similarities that such stories share are commonly known, all in a way following imitating the context of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This love tale, however, differs from the others with an exceptional tragic ending. Lady Laura was in love with a knight, and the product of their love was an innocent child, whose existence must have been kept in a secret.

This is why, the knight flew away with it to protect and bring it up. On their way, they had to cross a bridge, which unfortunately broke while they were passing over. The knight started crying out for help. As in every typical fairytale, Laura heard him and rushed to help them. In her attempt to save them, she also drowned. Since then Laura is wandering around the forest. Occasionally she comes to the river to drink water and in the same secretive way she disappears again. With a face as white as snow and exactly as white veil, she haunts the path from the castle to the river and still nobody has ever seen her face.

Once a little child got lost in the forest. Suddenly a warm breeze came across and everything turned green and fresh as if the spring has arrived. The child felt as if by any chance it had happened upon paradise. The valleys were colored with different flowers and strawberries were peeking from the grass stems. Lady Laura was secretly following the child until he/she arrived home safely and at the end waved quickly and disappeared again in the forest.

The reason why Lauratal evokes connotations of an eerie place to the native citizens is indeed illogical and senseless.  Probably this is because it is related to the tragedy of this young family happened to die nearby, or probably not. Nevertheless it will always keep the memories of their death and it will continue to be a great story deserving to be told.