The island Reichenau

Reichenau is the biggest island in Lake Constance. Nowadays it is famous for its vegetables gardens, yet I would like to take an insight of the past of the island. Long time ago, Reichenau was considered even more famous, and for completely different reasons. As a matter of fact there is legend telling us the story.  A pastor aiming to spread the Christianity visited the place and decided that he wants to build a monastery there. They tried to talk him out of it because there were many wild animals, as in snakes, worms, but with every step he made the animals started to flee away. In three days the island was cultivated. Many kings and queens send material goods to the monastery, which soon turned it into one of the wealthiest monasteries; this is how it received its name - Reichenau (Reichenau literally translated means golden medal). The monastery had such big properties that the abbot was able to travel from Reichenau to Rome and still spending every night on his own territory.