A name with a Spanish Flavour

When entering the town a bull-shaped stone sculpture, made of a single piece, attracts our attention. It seems of a modern appearance, abstract style made by any contemporary sculptors, but nothing further from reality (the truth).

This is a sculpture from the 2nd Century BC. which schematically depicts a bull devoid of legs, with a rough-hewn head without horns enclosing a legend

It seems that when the Romans, after several months of siege, managed to conquer the town, they found in the rubble this mass of stone and exclaimed: Taurus! Meaning bull.

According to many historians it is a work of art made by the indigenous who inhabited the region before the arrival of the Romans. For these people, the bull was a sacred animal symbolizing fertility, representing a bull "father".

They also placed these sculptures in the fields to attract rain and with it prosperity and even the chief of the tribe would sit on it like a throne to administer justice.

Toro's name has survived to this day and the inhabitants of the town are proud of that their town has a name with a Spanish “falvour”, symbol of nobility, strength and energy. A sacred animal which is identified with an entire country.