A Nobel Prize in the bullring

The Toro’s booksellers live an unprecedented phenomenon, all the work of Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature, has sold like hotcakes, running out in a few hours. The Nobel Prize Winner visits the city.

Expectations are high. Mr Vargas Llosa is not coming to present his latest book, or to give a lecture on his work, he comes to visit the historic bullring in the town because he is a great lover of tauromachy (the art of bullfighting).

The bullring of Toro opened on August 18, 1828 and is a relic of exceptional architecture. It is the second oldest bullring in Spain and it has been declared Cultural Heritage with monument status in 2008.
The nearly bicentennial bullring has recently been restored and its arena of 45.80 m was the inspiration for the construction of the bullring of Las Ventas in Madrid.
Major bullfighters of all time fought there as Joselito, el Gallo, Lagartijo and recently Cayetano Rivera.

Mr. Mario Vargas Llosa discovered a commemorative tile which leaves proof of his path through Toro’s historic bullring, at the same time supporting bullfighting, essence of an ancient Spanish culture, amongst loud applause and cheers from his literary fans as well as the defenders of the tauromachy.