A wine with history

It's time for a toast. The glasses are filled among laughter and joy. The party has begun. A full-bodied wine, aromatic and with character is served together with delicious food cooked with love. It’s not just a wine, it’s a wine with history which witnessed one of the most important events of mankind: the discovery of the New World.

Already in the Middle Ages the archpriest of Hita praised it in "The Book of Good Love" and the Jewish doctors were using it as a medicine, but it will be Christopher Columbus who took it on the ship "La Pinta" on its overseas adventure, due to its high alcohol content and its great capacity for endurance on long voyages.

Also with the name "Pinta" it is referred to a measure of wine as well as a small sip of wine in the town of Toro. This name became a password for Columbus. La Pinta will be the ship that kept the wine in its hull, the first ship that sighted land, with a exceptional crew on board: Toro wine, a red wine with history that accompanied those adventurous men to realize Columbus’ dream.

Today's Toro wine is fashionable. About 60 wineries are part of the DO Toro. Their sophisticated wines have crossed the border being known internationally.