A woman painter: Delhy Tejero

Toro’s House of Culture is hosting an exhibition commemorating the 100th birthday of one of the city's most famous daughters: Delhy Tejero.
Being an artist in the first decade of the 20th Century was not easy, especially as a woman.
Delhy Tejero was sure from childhood about that painting was her vocation. From a very young age she drew nonstop, modeled with clay, and even got to paint in colours, in her childish pranks, the chickens of her parents’ country house.

Finally in 1925, after overcoming the obstacles she had to face as woman of her time, her dream came true and she arrived in Madrid in order to study painting at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando.
This centre granted a scholarship to such an outstanding student, for courses in Florence, Paris, Brussels, Rome, where she could breath from pictorial movements and t of the moment. She enjoyed the gatherings at the famous Café Gijón in Madrid and rubbed elbows with young artists like Dali or poets like Lorca and Alberti. She experimented in her work realism, cubism and created the perlismo.

Her painting is a suggestive invitation to the beauty and mystery of life, a duality between her love to Toro and her restless spirit to discover other worlds, some worlds seen through the eyes of a woman ahead of her time.