The clock tower

Next to the Main Square (Plaza Mayor), on the walls of Roman origin stands the Clock Arch, occupying the old wall gate. It is an eighteenth-century tower of grey stone, thin and elegant from which the whole town can be made out.
Above the arch is the chapel of Jesus´ Sacred Heart, to whom the people of the town are devoted to, and further up is the circular clock which gave the name to the tower, known to all “toresanos” as the Clock Arch..

The tower has a legend known to everybody which surprises the town visitors. To understand the legend one has to know that the town of Toro is located on a vantage point because of its defensive nature in the Middle Ages and the Douro River passes a few kilometers away from the town. You also need to know that the town is well known and famous for its red wine, a wine that was stored in underground cellars beneath the houses in the old town.

In the eighteenth century, as in the rest of Spanish and European cities, there was no running water. To make the mortar for the tower water was needed, but to bring it up from the river to the town was very expensive, so the “toresanos” found a practical solution to make the mortar to bind the stones of the tower with something very abundant in the town: wine. The use of water instead of wine was much cheaper. The fact gave rise to a popular legend to one of the most important monuments of the city. Perhaps that's why the greyish tower stone still preserves in certain areas a violet colour.