Secret gardens

Hidden in the smallest polder of the country, close to the park, hazed, you find a small but enchanted garden. Only a couple of meters away from the city buzz, hidden behind beautifully shaped gates, the greenery grows abundantly.

An unknowing passant has trouble to resist the temptation, and carefully enters the small yard. Once in, nature comes to life. Flours and plants in all imaginary colours change form and blind her. Right before she loses consciousness, wind blows her energetic in the back.

Startled by the force of nature, the lady finds a place to rest. A last blow of wind pushes her in the right direction. There, at the other side, a graceful bench is ready to provide a place to rest. It’s true; nobody visits this place of life unaffected. Entranced, the visitor leaves the garden. It’s like this for many years, and will stay like this forever.