Stay, Fikkie!

In the Oude Binnenweg, you can’t overlook little dog Fikkie. Loyally the dog sits next to café Timmer. A strange spot, is it a square or a lawn perhaps? Far too small for a sweat dog like Fikkie.

Back in the old days, Westersingel was his permanent home. At that spot, Fikkie started his career as the most famous dog of Rotterdam. Unfortunately he had to leave, for what now is a shish kebab café. Once on it’s new spot, Fikkie got abducted for three times in a row. Fortunately he returned home safely.

Yet, you would never hear Fikkie complain. Our dog has a blast. He is always noticed, and often gets a small nod or a pet on the snout. The filthy poo made no difference whatsoever. Seriously, he would never drop a poo like that.