Our July morning

Every 30th June towards 1st July, thousands of people gather at Kamen briag (Rocky coast). The village and the amazingly beautiful rocky coast in front of it are the place at which every summer people meet the sunrise. A bunch of fireplaces illuminate the beaches during the night, and at the morning all of the people share the amazing experience – the sun slowly rises above the sea. And always to the sound of the July morning – the song of the popular rock band from the 70s the Urian Heep, from which originates the name of the celebration itself. During the past few years the ex-vocal of the legendary band John Lawton himself who is also a huge fan of our country, performs the July morning song at sun rise.

The story behind the July morning (or the July), perhaps the most traditional non-formal celebration in Bulgaria, starts during the middle of the 80s of the past century. The people who started coming at Kamen briag (Rocky coast) by this way expressed their protest against the communist regime at that time in Bulgaria. The people who started to gather were with the same beliefs, freedom lovers, rebels…The common meeting of the sunrise symbolizes their hope for a better, free future. But even after the fall from power of the communist regime in the country all those people, and even their children continue to celebrate their July, to come here in order to meet each other, to praise the sun and nature and to maintain their inner freedom. To feel the beauty of life.