The fish soup of the sea wolf

Here in Dobrudza the locals say that the greatest master chef can be recognized by its fish soup. This is the reason why the gastronomes go all the way to the small marine town Shabla to taste the elixir of the famous Bai Pesho. A few years ago he came from the big city here and stirred his enthusiasm for fishing. After that he opened a little restaurant. It is located in the heart of the small fishermen settlement adjacent to the town at the most Eastern location of Bulgaria (where they first meet the New Year) and exactly next to Shabla’s lighthouse. The lighthouse itself, on the other hand, is the oldest marine lighthouse at the Balkan Peninsula, and some state that throughout whole Europe, built as a replica of one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – The Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Bai Pesho himself has the look of an experienced sea wolf – white hair, curly white beard, moustache, marine t-shirt and a pipe in his mouth. He loves drinking mastic as well as communicating in an easy manner with the visitors of his little restaurant. But not for too long. He mostly prefers his loneliness and the sea. He catches all the fish for his restaurant by himself. His boat “Zora” (Dawn) is forty years old and lives up to its name. Bai Pesho leaves with his boat early in the morning and when he comes back he meets the other fishermen who have just left for the sea. Together with his wife they both prepare and serve the fish dishes and delicacies…”You eat the fish with bare hands, which means that the guests must lick their fingers at the end !” – this is his chef’s principle from which he never backs out. As to the famous fish soup, he always prepares it only by himself. The recipe is his own secret and regardless of the fact that we might think that a good fish soup needs only fish, vegetables and spices, we can never make the same soup as Bai Pesho’s one. If you ever ask him how the soup is being prepared he will answer in short: “With a lot of efforts and many types of fish!”