Kavarna – rock nowadays



The historical faith of Kavarna is based on moments of demolishment and fall, and moments of rise and progress. Demolished by earthquakes, invasions and revolts, the city was rebuilt and started its life all over again during various periods. Throughout the city and its surroundings can be found preserved trails of its whole various life – remains of Roman villas and walls, mediaeval buildings and necropolis, Christian churches, bridge, fountains, old fishermen harbour.

In today’s life of Kavarna though there is one event that stands out from the many other small, beautiful marine cities. Since 2004 the city has been hosting various rock events during the year, grand rock concerts, and a stage that is being used by not just one or two music legends. And they not only come to perform in Bulgaria, but also return again and again, fall in love with Bulgaria until they die. All that happens thanks to the efforts of one big-hearted man – the famous by his love with rock and metal music mayor of the city, simply known as the metal mayor. If we take a walk through the city we could see huge graffiti of rock stars. They are inseparable part of the city’s outlook of today. The facades of the old living buildings from the age of the communism are fully illustrated with the visions of famous musicians that visited the city. By this original way they combine the past and future into one. In the city park can be found an alley of rock in which two monuments of famous rock musicians are located those of who died during this century. That’s is the reason why by saying Kavarna we understand rock and by saying rock we understand Kavarna.