The project

Tell Me a Story developed:

Language learning space for tourist guides –a self-learning tool with assorted text materials, basic grammar rules and communicative structures in eight languages
● a multilingual storytelling book “Tell Me a Story: A journey through storytelling”, based on 29 less widely known short stories and local legends and anecdotes in the original languages translated into English.
film “Stories and languages in tour guiding” demonstrating the guided tours through Rotterdam and Toro stories; videos, illustrating urban stories and demonstrating the methods and outcomes, adapted to the needs of professional tour guides
4 Demonstration events in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Austria organised with the aim to share with the target groups the language approaches and methods extracted, to test the study materials, and to discuss further opportunities with the stakeholders.
● a large number of further dissemination events targeted at the tourism sector
Final Dissemination Event in Vienna - a guided tour through the project idea and outcomes, and a contact session with stakeholders and policy makers for expanding the project’s impact.
● research and academic methodology for teacher and student training in multilingual storytelling and use of linguistics in tour guiding
● a methodological approach to multilingual storytelling in tour guiding
● a network of researchers, policy makers, experts in tourism and educators of tour guiding and language learning

Who can benefit?

Tourist guides worldwide

Language providers and organisations providing training for tourist guides

Volunteers, retired people, unemployed and students working as tour guides in their free time

Regional stakeholders in tourism