Mihaela Deneva

Lake Constance Region

Bodenseekreis (in English Lake Constance District)

The district is located in the region of Baden – Württemberg and it refers to the territory surrounding the Lake of Constance.

Giving the raw geographical and statistical data, the total area is estimated to be 664.64 km2 and the population in 2012 was 205 843 people.
The administrative sub region is Tübingen and the capital is defined to be Friedrichshafen.
Leaving the statistics behind, it cannot be missed out on the fact that Lake Constance is the main attraction of the region. Concerning it, it is often said that a tourist could wake up in Germany, cycle across to Switzerland for lunch and still make it to Austria in time for afternoon tea.
The lake itself was formed during the last ice age from the Rhine glacier and it still continues to be drained by the same river nowadays. In depth it reaches to maximum 250 m and its waters are so clear that are also used for drinking supply. Having the advantage of the Lake of Constance, the region named after it manages to combine all the aspects of history, culture and agriculture.
The landscapes are considered as breathtaking and hits of European scenery. Meadows, vineyards, orchards, wetlands, beaches and Alpine foothills intertwine with baroque and medieval churches, Roman forts, various castles and zeppelins. Together all creating a spectacular mixture and contributing thoroughly to the existence of the Bodensee region.
A place which undoubtedly deserves to be visited! 

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